Sarasota Fencing Academy

Sarasota Fencing Academy has a new location at 1279 Tallevast Road in Sarasota in the Airport Commerce building. You can enjoy the same great fencing instruction just a bigger better place. Fencing is a fantastic Olympic sport for anyone at any age or skill level. It is adaptable and mentally challenges the mind with problem solving while creating an intense physical workout at the same time.

Fencing requires plenty of fast movements which will increase your heart rate providing an aerobic workout. As a fencer you must also learn to aim at a moving target as well as dodge your opponent’s strikes ultimately improving your hand-eye coordination with practice. And finally fencing will increase your strength and agility.

Sarasota Fencing Academy offers classes ranging from intermediate to advance as well as individual instruction. It also offers a competitive level for those wanting to step it up a notch.

All Sarasota Fencing instructors are professionally trained and ready to help each individual meet his or her potential. The gear is provided as well. It’s fun, mentally challenging and great exercise.

Summer camps are available. For more information call 941-705-1803.

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